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Since 1999

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10 countries

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growth of the category "Fruits in chocolate"

(according to Nielsen 1st semester 2017/ 1st semester 2018)

Chocolates from the manufacturer

The tradition of eating sweets from natural products is close to Russian people the world knows the famous Tula gingerbread, classic oatmeal cookies and pies with sweet fillings. Eastern dessert dishes also took root in our culture many centuries ago. But with chocolate until recently, things were bad: quality sweets from cocoa beans and cocoa butter for a long time existed in the Russian market as a purely imported product.

Now you can buy sweets at retail or wholesale in any supermarket or directly on the sites of producers. Thousands of children and adults can eat with pleasure their favorite sweets. Meanwhile, often the domestic manufacturer adds to the chocolate mass of so many additional additives and neutral ingredients that many people at the first meeting with real chocolate are very much surprised. And yet, in the Russian market you can find quality sweets. T

he confectionery factory KREMLIN since 1999 is engaged in manufacturing and sale of magnificent sweets under the eponymous brand. Our managers can buy candies directly from the manufacturer, without overpayments and expectations. If you're & ndash; supporter of a healthy and balanced diet, as well as you have a desire to enjoy chocolate candies from dried fruits of the highest quality from natural ingredients, order candy KREMLIN wholesale from the manufacturer right now.

We are sure, after the first acquaintance with the box of our sweets you will never want to try the chocolate products of other producers. Hurry to apply now & we are waiting for your orders chocolate sweets from the manufacturer.
Some people are convinced that sweets from natural ingredients (especially those in which dried fruits and nuts predominate) can not be truly delicious. Alas, the obsolete argument that "everything is natural and useful tasteless already for a long time does not work. The whole world is now striving for a correct and balanced diet. We can say with confidence that most items from our catalog can be used by athletes who lose weight and are pregnant.

After all, the basis of sweetness of our dessert products & fructose, contained in the most useful natural delicacy - fruit. By itself, chocolate generally does not have harmful properties (provided that it is fresh and quality)
Another misconception is the opinion that most of the chocolate sweets with fruits have a similar taste. We hasten to disappoint the opponents of healthy sweets: natural fruits in chocolate have not only completely different taste and aroma, but even different texture and density. For example, at the first tasting you will realize that there is a piece of fibrous pineapple or soft dried apricots in a sweet.

A dragee hazelnut definitely differs in consistency from walnut or almond. Over the decades of practical activity, we produced and sold so many tons of impeccable chocolate products that we can confidently state: natural fruit in chocolate the best variant of sweets.

And those who disagree with this, can appreciate the popularity of known combinations of dried fruits, nuts and honey in baklava, rahat-lukuma or natural marmalade. In short, it is better to try once than to argue. Order chocolate sweets for weight or packaged in packages or boxes right now and make sure our words are correct
Why it is worth ordering sweets from
The KREMLIN Confectionery Factory has been working for many years to improve the technology of producing natural, tasty, fragrant and healthy chocolates. For two decades of existence in the market, we were able to promote the brand KREMLIN not only in Russia, but also throughout the CIS. Ordering chocolate on the site of our factory, you get a quality product at an affordable price.

We guarantee that everyone will like chocolate products without exception. Moreover, in our catalog you can find a large number of assorted different tastes. Read the proposals of the KREMLIN confectionery factory and buy sweets right now for a long time they will not stagnate.

KREMLIN this is:

The perfection of the technology of making sweets from dried fruits
A beautiful souvenir package with traditional Russian symbols, which makes sweets a perfect gift
Adequate pricing policy
Ability to design both wholesale and retail order (in case you are the owner of a candy store or employee of a holiday agency)