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Most people adore candies. The rest who are not fans of chocolate and jam, sometimes are happy to enjoy dessert products for a cup of fragrant tea. Undoubtedly, one of the most popular kinds of delights are candies with fruit filling. Variations of these products were created at different times on all continents of the globe. As the shell used a variety of ingredients: Europeans preferred honey, Native Americans - maple syrup, Asians - cane sugar. Surprisingly, the filling has always been similar - regardless of the region, in the heart of candies from ancient times laid down nuts, berries and pieces of fruit. The experience of many generations suggested that natural, rich in vitamins and trace elements make delicious candies also very healthy. In Russia, the practice of making desserts with fruit filling started with traditional chocolate bakery. But since the arrival of chocolate in our territories, many confectioneries have started producing natural chocolate candies for children and adults. And now the company KREMLINA continues this wonderful domestic tradition, pleasing the kids and adults with fresh, tasty and useful candies . In this section of the site you will find a wide range of chocolate products with fruit and berry stuffing. Hasten to get acquainted with the proposals right now - it is difficult to refuse from trying high-quality natural candies of domestic production!

Assortment of candies with filling

One of numerous advantages of our confectionary factory is the introduction into the technological process of unique techniques developed by our technologists, confectioners and chemists. For example, unlike the candies of most other Russian and foreign producers, our candies with filling are three-layered. In the heart of the candies is a natural fruit or berry jam. At the moment this section contains candies with raspberry, currant and cherry flavors. The second layer is candied pineapple (also natural, chocolate and very tasty). Finally, all this is crowned with a magnificent chocolate glaze, which acquires a mirror image and does not melt even in a hot season. Thus, a unique contrast of textures is created against the backdrop of a bouquet of flavors and flavors: crispy chocolate is replaced by a juicy fleshy candied fruit that alternates with a soft thick jam. That is why our products are very popular and in demand on the market: we offer not only interesting flavoring compositions, but also amazing flavor trips through the most exotic corners of the confectionery world.

Why is it worth ordering candies with stuffing from us?

The confectionery factory of KREMLINA for many years conducts professional activity in Moscow and all regions of Russia. During this time we have formed the main priorities and tasks of our activity. Honest and responsible work is the basis of our production. At the same time, we adore experimenting, giving the customers new uncharted gustatory sensations. But this is not all the merits, thanks to which hundreds of residents of the capital, the Moscow region and other regions order from us chocolate in bulk. Here are just a few of the other advantages:

  • Attentive to packaging. We understand that the basis of consumer demand is children. Therefore, we carry out serious work in the design of each package, gift box, wrapper or special sets for the holidays. For example, chocolate candies from this section can be purchased in packs of 190 g, 1, 3 and 6 kg - and they will all have a different design;
  • Providing full information on the composition of candies , industrial aspects and cooperation with suppliers. If you are interested in questions about the production, you can contact us by phone, listed in the section ""Contacts"";
  • The widest range of products.