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The combination of dried fruits and chocolate is a classical thing, like a duet of cheese and wine. Russian people are familiar to sweets with dried friuts in chocolate glaze since Soviet times. Nevertheless, throughout the world this delicacy has been popular for several centuries. The custom to use candied dried fruits came from the Far East. Now a combination of dried figs and chocolate glaze does not surprise anyone. You can cover with chocolate any fruit, be it pineapple, banana, kiwi, cherry or dates. Yes, and the composition of chocolate glaze can be different: white, black, milk, coffee. The main thing is to follow the technological principles, so that in the sweets the unwanted processes do not take place. For this reason, the main problems of confectionery art arise. Most producers, in the hope of preserving the freshness of the dessert product, produce sweets with the addition of various stabilizers and preservatives in large quantities. The composition of the glaze often changes, most of it is occupied by additives (starch, gelatin). Thus, in sweetness there is only a neutral taste of white sugar and distant echoes of the aroma of fruits and chocolate. Probably, it is for this reason that many "do not respect" a simple, but at the same time very delicious dessert called "dried fruits in chocolate." The activity of the KREMLINA confectionery factory is aimed at reviving the natural production of sweets in the domestic market! Here you can buy fruit in chocolate of the highest quality wholesale from the manufacturer. We guarantee the highest quality, excellent taste and freshness of our sweets. Having tried the product with blindfolded eyes, you can definitely feel its natural taste and perfect bright flavor. Because in our sweets you can find only natural high-quality dried fruits and chocolate.

How dried fruits in chocolate are made

Sweets "Fruits in chocolate" have a lot of manufacturing techniques - it all depends on the choice of filling, the features of the process and the conscientiousness of the manufacturer. In the shops of the confectionery factory KREMLINA all begins with the preparation of glaze. Standard chocolate glaze is made from natural cocoa powder, cocoa butter and sugar. Depending on the proportion and ingredients of chocolate takes a different form and taste. For example, in the glaze of white chocolate there is no cocoa powder, and in dark chocolate there is no milk, and there is practically no sugar. Each kind of fruit is combined with a certain type of chocolate glaze, therefore, depending on the selected filling, a batch of chocolate is prepared.

Next, the filling is prepared - dried fruits. Depending on the variety of a sweet, dried fruit in chocolate can have a whole fruit inside, a part of it or a ground mass. It depends on the decision of the manufacturer and the type of fruit. For example, prunes in chocolate can be whole or grinded, and strawberries are always harvested in pieces (so that the buyer is confident in the naturalness of the product, evaluating its texture). Pieces of fruit, whole fruit or oval-shaped fruit mass move along the conveyor straight for a "chocolate shower". To ensure that the glaze after hardening was fragile and glossy, and also did not melt instantly in the hands, it was first heated to 42 degrees Celsius, and then abruptly cooled to 25 * C. Thanks to the technological procedure of tempering, the mass becomes more viscous, shiny and dense . In addition, it melts at higher temperatures. A minute after coating the fruit with glaze, the chocolate freezes, and we get delicious sweets with a lot of useful properties.

Variety of chocolates with dried fruits

Candies with fruits in chocolate glaze or chocolate can be very diverse. Unfortunately, the range is limited not only by the manufacturer's imagination, but also by technological features, as well as by the requirements of the food industry. In the assortment of the KREMLINA confectonery factory, in the catalog of this section you will find impeccable confectionery products with dried apricots, dates, prunes and figs. In essence, these varieties of dried fruits, especially prunes and dried apricots, are the most useful, tasty and popular all over the world. And if you still want a greater variety, in other sections of the site you can find a lot of offers with nuts, airy rice, jam filling and berries (for example, a dragee with cherries).

Why you should order from us

The confectionery factory of KREMLINA for many years conducts industrial and trading activity in the territory of the Russian Federation and the near abroad. Before making a choice in favor of one or another manufacturer of dried fruit candies, go to our catalog and get acquainted with the assortment. KREMLINA delivers excellent sweets at affordable prices in bulk to all regions of Russia with delivery! Few confectionery factories have a single taste and useful properties.

KREMLINA sweets is:

  • Balanced composition;
  • Fresh food;
  • The widest choice of tastes;
  • Affordable cost.

Buy our sweets - we recommend that you order samples right now. To do this, you just need to fill out a form on our website, or contact our manager by calling or sending a letter to an email. You can find out more about ordering options in the appropriate section.