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Although it is believed that candies are a favorite children delicacy, it is unlikely that any of the adults will refuse to enjoy a pair of chocolate candies with dried fruits, berries, natural jam or nuts. Packaged candies are convenient because one package is enough for a few days for the whole family, guests and relatives. In addition, the cost is much more profitable than buying candies in gift boxes. In fact, the meaning of beautiful overall packaging is in presenting someone as a gift. In other cases, candies in the package are great, especially if you buy them for tea. There are many domestic and foreign confectionary factories on the territory of Russia, but if you have been looking for natural and healthy candies from dried fruits, berries, candied fruits, and nuts in chocolate for a long time, check out the products of the KREMLINA company. For many years we have been making unique candies , dragees and bars of the highest quality and fresh ingredients, we sell them at affordable prices in Moscow and other regions of the Russian Federation. In this section you will find a wide range of candies packaged in cute packages. But do not forget to also get acquainted with other categories of our products.

Assortment of packaged candies

All varieties of candies in the original packages on our website are packed in 190 grams. This number of candies is just enough for a tea party with guests. In the case of KREMLINA candies in packages of 190 grams, one can not worry about extra pounds, allergic manifestations or poor health, because all our products are made with minimal sugar and preservatives, do not contain banned and unstable chemicals. As ingredients only natural nuts, fruits and berries of the highest quality are taken. In short, packaged candies from our confectionery factory can safely be eaten by both adults and children. Hasten to order candies in the souvenir package of our production from the manager with delivery to any address. Today the assortment of packaged candies is represented by the same varieties of candies that can be found in the sections with gift wraps. These are chocolate dragées with berries and nuts, as well as fruit in chocolate. As a fruit and berry filling serves currant, strawberry, pineapple, cherry, raspberry, orange, pear, dried apricots, mango, prunes, dates, peanuts, hazelnuts. You can verify the naturalness of the components by reading the composition on the package.

Why should you order our candies?

Dear customers trust us and constantly acquire new lots of products - for children's matinees and other holidays, as a gift to teachers and friends, home or to work. Packetized candies is an excellent option, if you value the price and taste, and not a wrapper. In those cases where you want to enjoy delicious top quality candies , choose this type of KREMLIN product. Here are just a few of the benefits that make us appreciate not only on the territory of Russia, but also far beyond its borders:

  • Variability of ordering. You can buy candies in bulk, with delivery or self-delivery, by bank transfer or by cash, by phone or by electronic form;
  • The widest range of chocolate products;
  • Loyal attitude to each client;
  • Original and very beautiful gift wrapping;
  • Cooperation only with trusted suppliers of quality natural ingredients.