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On the eve of the holiday or other occasion you can come up with a lot of interesting options for a gift. If the addressee is your close and dear person, most likely you will not choose any unusual present. But what if a fine box of candies can become a perfect gift (or part of a gift)? Especially on condition that the candies in it will be quality, natural, healthy, fresh and insanely delicious! Confectionery factory KREMLIN only such candies and produces. We began to master confectionery in the distant 1999 year, and since then have never allowed ourselves to issue a low-quality batch of dessert products.

Dear customers, we order boxes of candies in bulk. The wholesale order is suitable for the owners of the shops of candies and souvenirs. By purchasing a box of dried fruit candies , you can please a colleague in the office, loved ones, dear friends and close friends on the eve of any holiday. Confectionery company KREMLIN - a guarantor of quality and impeccable taste!

What candies are included in the set

In the sets you will find different versions of candies. It depends on the choice of a box of candies . In the catalog of this section you can see the varieties of assorted sets. Choosing the right set of candies in stock, pay attention to the overall composition of the products in it. For example, candy series "KEZHUAL" is a combination of crispy air rice, glaze and chocolate date. But, depending on the color of the label, the candy can be filled with cream cream, walnut praline or other fillers. We offer a huge assortment of other amazing kinds of candies : delicate "MALDIVES" (candies with coconut and pineapple), classic dried fruits and nuts in chocolate, and assorted "KREMLIN MYSTERY" and "MOSCOW SECRETS".

Also, you should decide on the size of the gift set. In order to present a small present on a date or as a gratitude, small boxes ("KEJUAL Assorti" or "MALDIVES") are perfect. If the reason is strong, the best choice is a large box of candies (MOSCOW or Fruit and Nuts KREMLIN Chocolate). Finally, some sets are timed to a specific holiday: assorted by the 8th of March or New Year's sets.

Exquisite assortment of candies - the best gift

If you despair to seek a gift for any celebration, we will certainly find something suitable for you. Order a gift set from the confectionery factory KREMLIN - exquisite packaging, made in the original design, will not leave anyone indifferent. A candy with a magnificent glaze, as well as a fragrant and delicious filling, will give joy to all. So hurry to make someone happy with a magnificent and versatile chocolate gift.

Advantages for bulk buyers

  • Advantageous cost. By buying in bulk chocolate candies from a confectionery factory, you save a considerable amount. First, the transaction occurs initially at wholesale prices. Secondly, at its conclusion there are no intermediaries;
  • Versatile products. Ordering souvenir candies in bulk, you are armed for any occasion. Regardless of the coming holiday, candy is perfect as a presentation. We have a large assortment of candies and dragees in gift boxes in shells with different designs, corresponding to the theme of the celebration. For example: boxes with candies for the New Year, March 8, the World Cup, etc. The shell can be changed right in the store.
  • Candy in such gift boxes - an ideal presentation to anyone, regardless of the reason or nature of the addressee. Souvenir packages of excellent quality with original design - one of the best achievements of the confectionery factory KREMLIN.