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KREMLINA chocolate Dried apricots in a souvenir Lodge, 500 g, 800 g

The size of the house with a weight of 500g -11x17.5x16.5cm, 800g - 13x20.5x19cm

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A souvenir house with sweets from dried apricots inside will be a bright addition to the holiday. You can give it to children, put it under a Christmas tree, or simply delight relatives and friends with sweets from a wooden box. Moreover, there will be enough sweets for a large company.


The weight of one candy 35 g
Amount in a package 2,5, 3,2 kg
expiration date 8 months

FOOD VALUE (100 gr)

Kcal 394
Protein 36
Fat 14
Carbohydrates 62,6