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"KREMLINKA" CHERRY in a carved casket with a lock, 150g

Box size: 170x80x58 mm

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Do you want to surprise your friends with a tasty gift? A great option - candy from Kremlina confectionery in beautiful boxes. Bright juicy, rich chocolates based on natural candied pineapple with cherry jam filling in chocolate glaze, created according to the unique recipe of Kremlina confectionery. A constant stock of boxes with various images is maintained. More than 50 image scenes design caskets. The main thematic series: "Putin", "Nature", "Russian craftmanship", "Flowers and Spring", "Holidays", "Churches of Russia", "Views of Moscow", "New Year".


The weight of one candy 30 g
Amount in a package 1,8 kg
expiration date 6 months

FOOD VALUE (100 gr)

Kcal 365
Protein 1
Fat 11,3
Carbohydrates 65,2