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A heart shaped wooden candy bowl. KREMLINA chocolate prune 400g

Candies in a wooden candy bowl in the shape of a heart. Size 210x225x110 mm

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For those who want to please their loved ones, Kremlina confectionery has prepared a special original packaging. A wooden candy bowl in the shape of a heart will delight your beloved ones and will be a tasty gift for Valentine's Day on February 14 or the 8th of March. 400 grams of chocolates that have become a sales hit - " Kremlina chocolate prunes".


The weight of one candy 35 g
Amount in a package 0,4 kg
expiration date 8 months

FOOD VALUE (100 gr)

Kcal 376,7
Protein 2,2
Fat 14,3
Carbohydrates 59,8