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KREMLINA chocolate prune in souvenir felt boot

Souvenir felt boot of felt, with tapestry, handmade. Size 22-23 (felt boots for children, real). Candy with prunes inside.

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Kremlina chocolate prunes in a real felt boot. It can be used for its intended purpose - to walk in the snow, just buy a pair of these. A bright tapestry adorns the upper part of the felt boot, reminding the owner of the traditions of Russian artisans and the Russian winter. The felt boot itself is made of soft felt.


The weight of one candy 35 g
Amount in a package 0,4 kg
expiration date 8 months

FOOD VALUE (100 gr)

Kcal 376,6
Protein 2,2
Fat 14,3
Carbohydrates 59,8