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Since ancient times, candies were not just a chocolateness - they had a ritual and festive essence. Ambassadors from distant countries, among other gifts, invariably presented the kings with traditional desserts (dried fruits and nuts in honey, pastille, rahat-lukum or pieces of cane sugar). Served in beautiful bags with embroidery or chests, carried out on gold trays and in vases.If the king liked the gifts, diplomatic negotiations were doomed to succeed.Through several thousand years, and the situation is virtually unchanged Now candies in chocolate can be purchased at any store, but they are still an indispensable element of any gift or sign of gratitude. People give chocolate swees to their teachers, children and loved ones. The tradition is passed down from generation to generation and is unlikely to exhaust itself in the next few centuries.A person is doubly pleased if a set of delicious fresh candies is packaged as something unusual and original. Packaging a gift is just as important as its contents. The trouble is that most of the sets of candies presented in the modern Russian market are packed in standard cardboard boxes. Many manufacturers are focusing on advertising and promotion, forgetting about the design of their own products. If you are looking for a present to a close friend or co-worker not only a tasty but also beautiful, stylish and original chocolate Russian souvenir in the form of a set of candies , then you should definitely choose on the official website of the KREMLINA confectionery factory. Here you will find only natural candies from chocolate, nuts, candied fruits and dried fruits, packed in the most unusual and amusing designer handmade packages made of natural materials. We are sure, you will appreciate our assortment in the catalog of this section.

Delicious gift in a beautiful package

For many years our confectionery has been engaged in professional activities in the sphere of manufacturing and wholesale supply of candies of the highest quality. Each our set of candies contains only natural, harmless and hypoallergenic ingredients (natural chocolate, dried fruits, nuts, berries, and candied fruits). Acquiring unusual gifts from candies under the brand name KREMLIN, you can not doubt their flawless taste and food safety for adults and children of any age. So, if there is a need to buy an original chocolate gift, order souvenir candies in a casket, ochechnike or even a real valenka of our manufacture. By the way, this is not only a universal souvenir for congratulations, but also a wonderful chocolate gift for foreigners. Indeed, on the caskets can be depicted monuments of architecture of Russia, famous subjects of cartoons, paintings, fairy tales. The hits of this year are the image of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin and classical painting. In short, KREMLINA candies is a universal Russian souvenir, for any occasion, incorporating the best elements of our culture.

In addition, KREMLINA is:

  • Customer-oriented pricing policy;
  • Cooperation with the majority of domestic and foreign trade networks in the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • Loyal attitude to clients and assistance in any matters;
  • The widest range of candies and pills for every taste;
  • High quality of each of the ingredients, naturalness and benefits of products;
  • A convenient site and product catalog, on the pages of which you can easily find all the information you need.

How to order souvenir candies

At the moment we cooperate with more than fifty different retail chains and distributors. Among them such famous stores are Auchan, Monetka, Azbuka Vkusa and Magnit. Clicking on the link "Where to buy?", You can get acquainted with the full list of stores where you can buy chocolate souvenirs and other products of the confectionery factory KREMLINA. In addition, if you are interested in candies in souvenir caskets, but in your village there are no partner shops of our factory (or they have finished the goods), you can order a batch of candies directly on our website. We cooperate with the Post of Russia, Duty Free, online shops OZON and Comus, federal networks Auchan, Magnet, etc. Hurry up to buy candies in the gift box right now - maybe soon there will be a reason for them to present someone.