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Dragee is a universal name for small round candies, the core of which is covered with glaze. This word is called not only sweets, but also small round tablets and other small round-shaped food items. As a shell for candy-dragee can serve a variety of substances: sugar syrup, nougat, honey, inverted syrup, and much more. Also, the core - can have any composition, depending on the imagination of the manufacturer and the traditions of the people who invented the sweetness. Very often, manufacturers put pressed mass of caramel, fragments of nuts and milk powder inside cheap dragee. But the most popular, healthy and tasty are classic chocolate tablets filled with berries, pieces of fruit and nuts. For example, the KREMLINA confectionary factory has been producing and selling flawless sweets with cherries, hazelnuts or almonds for a long time in a smooth crispy shell of natural high-quality chocolate. Such sweetness can be safely given to children, because each ingredient of dessert has a natural origin, and in general the sweet does not contain excessive amounts of sugar and preservatives. If you are thinking about buying a gift set of delicious chocolates or going to replenish home-made sweet stocks, be sure to check out the assortment of our dragee in this section. Cherries in chocolate glaze, whole hazelnuts or walnuts - what can be more delicious and nutritious? Do not forget to get acquainted with other categories of our products - sure, we will be able to surprise with a variety of assortment even the most sophisticated sweet tooth!

How do they make sweets with nuts?

The process of making sweets -dragees with fruits, berries or nuts in chocolate can not be called high-tech and super complicated. Nevertheless, there are many features of production, forgetting about which many manufacturers produce poor-quality or not the most healthy product. First, it is very important to properly pack any confectionery. Hermetic packaging - guarantee the safety of sweets. This makes it possible to add a minimum of preservatives. And, it's not just about paper or polyethylene outer packaging. The very chocolate shell of a dragee during the correct preparation of a swet isolates a berry, nut or fruit from the surrounding air. Chocolate is an excellent natural preservative. It does not spoil for a very long time, unlike fresh berries, jam and even nuts with dried fruits. Therefore, the main principle of making dragees is compliance with technological standards for glaze application. The manufacturer of high-quality chocolate coated tablets should ensure that the thickness of the chocolate layer is uniform everywhere, so that the dragee does not have cracks or chipped fragments. In this regard our sweets are real works of art. In the rest, the use of knowingly quality ingredients and products (chocolate, cocoa, sugar, fruits, berries, hazelnuts and other nuts) gives a 100% good result. Make sure of this personally by trying the products of the confectionery factory KREMLINA. You can order them with delivery in Moscow, the region or other regions of the Russian Federation on our website. Leave the request electronically or call us.

Why buy from us?

Since the end of the last century, every day we please our customers with impeccable confectionery products. Buying sweets with nuts produced by the factory KREMLINA wholesale, you are guaranteed to receive sweets of the highest quality at an affordable price, with delivery to a warehouse or store. At the same time, all our sweets are healthy and natural, which is important in modern realities. If you have long been in search of delicious sweets with nuts, made with the use of natural products, pay attention to the cream of KREMLINA. Hurry up to order the dragees: nuts and fruits in chocolate right now - while there are design packages on sale that will delight the kids. KREMLINA is:

  • Wide choice in the catalog of products;
  • Variability of ordering. Buy chocolate pellets with cherries in bulk, in a box or in a package, with delivery or with conditions of self-export;
  • Loyal attitude and advice on any issues.