Вся информация о кондитерской фабрики "КРЕМЛИНА"

Confectionery factory Kremlina was founded in 1999. The main production is located in the city of Lyubertsy near Moscow.
In 2004, the trademark Kremlina was registered, under which all products are produced, which has already proved itself positively in the market.
Our main specialization is fruits and nuts in chocolate.
For the production of our products we use only the ingredients of the class "Extra"
The principle of "naturalness" - the fundamental for the company Kremlina
Once upon a time, many years ago, the Aztec tribes used cocoa seeds for food. It's been a century since English scientists created an innovative technology for making chocolate.

Undoubtedly, confectionery products of the confectionery factory Kremlina differ significantly from the first chocolate sweets, but nevertheless, one can find a similarity - an original taste. What is most important in a confectionery? His stuffing! It is the filling that allows you to mainly diversify the candy range. You can fantasize and compose, mix and try. We offer you to evaluate our range.

Nuts and fruit in chocolate from the factory Kremlina are able to give pleasure and satisfy the needs of any gourmet. Employees of the confectionery factory Kremlina understood that in order to improve and diversify the taste of the confectionery, it is necessary to cover a fruit or a nut with a thick layer of chocolate. We are not trying to reduce costs and save on quality. Because chocolate sweets are always a holiday and a delight. We do not doubt that nut, dried apricots, prunes in chocolate will be an excellent corporate gift. Your employees and colleagues will appreciate your choice.

Confectionery products confectionery factory Kremlina "- a great corporate gift for any celebration. Foreign guests have noticed for a long time that the combination of fruits and chocolate is surprisingly delicious. Such gifts are very popular with foreigners. They call prunes in chocolate a sweet miracle. And this is the truth! And how nice to get sweet gifts, and even in a beautiful wooden casket, from which it is difficult to take your eyes off. Wooden boxes, as it were, complement the confectionery.
The motto of the confectionery factory Kremlina is very tasty and very beautiful. In such Russian gifts, amazing taste and fascinating beauty are combined at the same time. Chocolate candies from the Kremlin factory are loved by both children and adults.

Give yourself and your loved ones a sweet fairy tale!